Our Services

We have the following services activities

1. AMC( Annual Maintenance Contract)
2. PM(:Preventive Maintenance)
3. IQ(Installation qualification) , OQPV(Operational Qualification and Performance Verification) and scheduled calibration
4. Break down Visits on call basis
5. We also repairs and reconstructs parts and consumables with warranty basis as follows.

Repairable Parts With Warranty

Sr.No. Part Discription.Warranty
1. AIV W/O Catridge 3 Months
2. OBV 3 Months
3. MCGV 6 Months
4. Pump Head 6 Months
5. Motor Drive assy 6 Months
6. Power Supply 3 Months
7. Main Board 3 Months
8. Pressure Dampner 6 Months
9. Degasser Chamber 3 Months
10. Degasser Pump 3 Months
11. ALS Transport assy W/O Motor 3 Months
12. Sampling Unit W/O Flex unit 3 Months
13. ALS Thermostat W/O Peltier 3 Months
14. ALS Thermostat with Peltier 3 Months
15. Colcom Heat exchanger 3 Months
16. Optical Unit 3 Months
17. DAD/VWD Flow cell NA
18. FLD Flow cell 3 Months
19. GC Oven Heater 1Year
20. EPC 3 Months
21. Oven Motor 3 Months
22. Main TX AND Power supply 3 Months
23. HSP Indexing Unit(corosel assy) 3 Months
24. Pneumatic systems 3 Months

Above mentioned charges are applicable only when the part confirmed as faulty and need replacement after proper inspection of the systems .Repairing will include trial runs also to ensure the performance of the system. Above mentioned charges are subject to change due to market fluctuations and availability of parts.In such case we will acknowledge the customer about the same before we start any repairing activities.

For your kind information, some of the parts and consumables which are developed in our tool room displayed under our PRODUCTS TAG.